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Artoplasm with Ayan

Artoplasm with Ayan

Hello, I’m Ayan & I am a brush pen calligrapher. I have been teaching and blogging about brush pen calligraphy for over 2 years now. As I learnt about modern calligraphy, I discovered what all wonders you could do with a sheer brush pen and create aesthetically pleasing art designs.

I curated a complete calligraphy course, where you can all learn everything you need to, to master the art of calligraphy. I’ve curated it with the experience that I’ve gained, coming across the common mistakes to avoid and little tricks and tips to use, to get your hands on brush pen calligraphy faster than ever! I’ve also compiled together a step-by-step 📘 workbook for you guys to jumpstart your own journeys! So join me in my brush pen calligraphy workshop and learn the art of calligraphy.

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Wilton certified baker from Singapore.