Host a class with us

If you are a teacher we have a great opportunity for you. Since the time covid-19 has hit us the sufferings has gone up a notch not just for normal people but professionals too. Especially teachers, as educational institutes are shut down for almost a year now, teachers are struggling to make their way through by getting indulged in online learning sessions. While we are on it, normal people are also trying to juggle between safety but also to remain independent in their own way. Through kids class central we are here to provide you with an opportunity to earn that extra income at the comfort of your home/space without compromising with your health and safety during this ongoing pandemic. 

If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.

Margaret Fuller

Everyone has a certain talent or a skill which one has developed through hard work, efforts and experiences. Such skills and talents shall not be wasted and can become a source of income when shared with the world. You can host a class on kids class central and share your knowledge and wisdom with the budding generation and help them create a better future.

How to host a class?

To host a class you must first register an account with us. After registration, our team will verify your details by contacting you through email or another medium. Once your account is verified by our team you will gain access to the “backend” from where you can host a new class. While you register as a teacher you will also be provided with a short and brief training content which will allow you to understand the functioning and working of the “backend”. After submitting a class through “backend”, the same will also be verified by our team whereby you might receive intimation from the team if any modifications or changes are required to be made after which when all the information about the class is as per the policy of kids class central, the same will be displayed/posted publicly. Once it is available publicly, parents will be able to book the same.