Frequently Asked Questions

Kids Class Central aims to uplift kids with new skills by providing resourceful knowledge towards their interests. The engagement of the educator and learner on the platform highlights the willingness to put the best of their ability to create learning a fun process. Our website enables the key to fun learning, growth and excitement among our users while they connect. We ensure parents that all your queries will be answered on this platform. 

Kids Class Central provides the advantage of connecting the educator and the learner together at one place. We provide with the best classes, relatable blogs and activities. We believe, with this fast pace surrounding our kids require great knowledge and understanding.

Kids Class Central plans to build a team of educators by putting a step forward onto this platform to showcase the ability and the passion for education and growth. We analyze the content displayed and the enthusiasm brought up by the educators towards the learner. The enriched quality content is what we always lean towards for the betterment of the kids learning. 

To enroll yourself as a parent; you just need to Sign Up on the website. After the signing up process you can access any class, you wish to get your kid registered.


Kids class central provide its services internationally. We believe that the world is full of people that are different in every aspect when it comes to their cultures, values and languages and to support that we have knowledgeable, competent and highly qualified tutors who can work with multiple languages. Our tutors are based in various countries and belong to different regions and to ensure that process of teaching under kids class central is flawless and goes smoothly without a hassle we have introduced multiple currencies and all the classes are conducted on an online platform which ensures borderless transmission of education and learning.

After logging as a parent, you need to add a class of your choice. Later do the final payment by checking out the cart. The educator receives the mail regarding the class confirmation. For the final process, the tutor shares the details and requirement for the class and later it is scheduled. 

To register as a teacher, you need to Sign up as a teacher. After you register yourself, the admin confirms your registration. The access is granted and then the teacher can add on our website.