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This world is your Canvas, Paint it right!

Life is like an empty canvas, we all are individual brush strokes, making constant efforts to make a beautiful complete picture for ourselves.

Similarly, Painting represents the inner you, it not only helps kids with their creative development but it also stimulates their brains, stimulation can also help other areas of their development. 

Most children enjoy a good messy painting experience, this will allow them to freely express themselves and develop their creativity. Painting can provide children with vast amounts of learning, this may be developing their fine pincer grip or learning about color mixing. 

Dipping a brush into colorful paint begins your child’s journey toward a finished masterpiece, but the method is about quite the resulting picture. As they move their paintbrush across the canvas, your child develops cognitively, emotionally, and physically. Before you hesitate to let your child get messy with paint, consider what they’ll gain by being creative with a paintbrush.

Brain Development

Painting is a creative, emotion-based activity associated with the right side of the brain, but the activity also supports cognitive development. Art activities help develop neural connections that prepare the brain for learning.

Academic areas often require your child to seek out the right answer. For example, a math problem has a specific numerical answer and reading requires your child to recognize and say the exact word. Painting deviates from this because it doesn’t involve a right and wrong aspect. Your child can create a work of art that appeals to her, deciding how to develop the painting without strict rules or processes. This allows them to explore and test different techniques in a safe format without the fear of failure. Creating the work of art can create a way of confidence both within the process and therefore the finished product. As your child learns to paint and improves her technique, she gains greater confidence in her developed skills.

Emotional Expression:

Painting gives your child a way to express themselves emotionally. If they feel stressed in any situation, painting might hint at those feelings. Putting those emotions into a painting can sometimes feel easier than talking about them. The paintings offer a glimpse into your child’s brain, allowing parents to assist them through difficult situations or emotions. Your child might also feel a sense of relief because he can get out those negative emotions. The act of painting is relaxing for a few children because the repetitive motions of pulling the comb across the canvas are often soothing.

Sparked Creativity:

Painting engages creativity in a hands-on way. Creating art with a paintbrush gives your child a chance to express their style, it becomes more in tune with them and their interests. Developing creativity encourages your child to believe other situations in several ways. If she/he thinks creatively, they may find a different way to solve a problem with their friends or think about a math problem at school, for example. Creativity through painting may inspire them to come up with new ideas in other areas.

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