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How to make Homework a Success!

Motivating kids towards being regular with studies and being consistent with their homework is one dream that each parent seeks. Achieving such a task gets a bit difficult and painful on both ends for kids and parents, whereas creating learning a fun activity is what the outcome we all should aim towards. Bringing out the best through each activity or learning is the result we all should keep in mind.


 As parents, a lot of responsibility comes along and one of them is to develop a sense of understanding that what makes kids love to learn, explore and understand. Parents can bring out a new perspective for their kids without nagging and become someone they will always look up to. Some of the points to develop the habit of smart learning and inclination towards studies are: 

  • Be the source of motivation to your little ones and observe them closely.

  • Create a friendly study environment with minimal distractions.

  • Schedule time for every day homework/studies. Make it a regular habit.

  • Praise their efforts they take to complete their daily studies.

  • Make a To-Do list for kids which should have basic tasks that can be accomplished everyday.

  • Help kids to focus on the learning process instead of the outcome/ results.

  • DO not rebuke your kids, involving them in the conversation and providing them with a sense of control will make them feel involved and responsible for their activities.


 One of the most important points is to NEVER use threats, rewards and punishments a source to make them finish the task. Rather than this teach your kids the long term benefits of learning and education.

 Wishing all our dear reader parents a meaningful parenting journey filled with love, joy and happiness.

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 Content: Sheetal Singh

 Editor: Asmita Jain

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